What our clients say about us…

“To say I don’t have a head for figures would be an understatement. It’s just me and Frank (my dog) in the studio and we both lapse into a catatonic state when faced with anything to do with the Inland revenue. Dinah is quite simply worth her weight in gold. Super organised, knowledgeable, very efficient and dovetails with my accountants perfectly. She’s very nice too, though for some reason Frank is yet to be convinced.”

James White

“For my photography business, I need a creative mind, a great team and gear and the best bookkeeper – Dinah Scudder! My team and I clearly rely on her when crunching numbers, dealing with invoices and VAT returns.  I love that she’s as flexible as I am and works around my schedule – either in our studio or from her office and we’re always looking forward to having her come in!”

Bernhard Deckert


“We contacted Dinah as we were seeking to start up our own limited company. In our initial consultation, Dinah listened carefully to our requirements and was extremely generous in giving us practical advice, tips and reassurance. We will have no hesitation in taking up her bookkeeping services as and when we launch our company.”

Ian and Paula Chapman

“Perhaps it is stating the obvious that it was also very important to me that the role required an individual who would be meticulous and, equally important, pleasant to work with and completely professional and reliable. I now recognise how very fortunate I have been. Because of the work Dinah has done and continues to do for me, I simply have no bookkeeping or accounting concerns; returns are made on time, my accounts are prepared to trial balance and she works very easily and confidently with my accountant, who also sings her praises.”


ML consulting

“I established a marketing agency in 1993 and tried for 6 months to do my own books, but got into an awful mess. Then I met Dinah and Scorpion Bookkeeping Services… 23 years later, I’m still delighted to recommend Dinah and her company… She’s not just good. She’s extremely good.”

Julian Childs

“One of my first and best business decisions was asking Dinah to manage our bookkeeping and accounts. In the knowledge that she does so efficiently, we have been able to grow our business successfully since 1996.”

Jonathon de Maid

JDM Estate Agents

“Dinah’s extremely thorough, diligent and ‘no fuss’ approach, combined with her attention to detail, means that I can be confident that my business records are in good order. She presents information in a way that is clear and easy to understand, so that at a glance I can assess how my business is progressing.”

Gillian Rankin

Gillian Rankin Consulting